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Thomas Rixens, alias Bobika, was born in 1989 in Aveyron. Self-taught, his drawings were first published in the press in 2015, in the pages of the satirical newspaper "Siné Mensuel" and then in the "Dépêche du Midi." In 2019, he began a weekly collaboration with the newspaper "L'Humanité." At the same time, he conducted journalistic investigations that appeared in the form of reports drawn in the pages of "Humanité Dimanche." In 2020, he created the comic series "Cannabis World" for the magazine "Mazette" in which he recounts the experience of a seasonal worker in the cannabis industry in California. Being aware of societal issues, Bobika puts himself to the test of feminism and shares his questions in a series called "Le Coeur des zobs": How can you be a feminist when you are a cis-gender and heterosexual guy? In 2022, this series became a book published by Dargaud ("Balls Up" in English, Europe Comics).

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